How much Toilet Paper do you stock up on?

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Too Bad more people didn’t read this 4 years ago…wow its crazy right now.

So how much toilet paper do you need to stock up on for when the Shit Hits The Fan….literally?

The average American uses about 20,000 sheets of toilet paper a year.  From what I find the average roll has about 362 sheets of toilet paper.  That would mean under normal conditions you would use about 56 rolls of toilet paper per person per year.  Now I have to admit I use more than the average person I am sure.  Its not a surprise that men normally “can go” more often than the ladies. After the “BIG EVENT” there is a chance you will be eating less and cleaner (not by choice) so you would probably need less paper….right.  Unless you were not careful about your water source and ended up with one of the most dangerous ailments on the planet – Diarrhea, well then you would need more.  We will talk about water at another time, but know that the number one killer on this planet is Diarrhea and it’s normally from unsafe water.

So back to “butt John Wayne TPwipes”, how much do you need and how much can you fit in your storage area? If we use the math above the average family of 4 would need about 260 rolls of TP for a year.

Another thing to think about is what kind to buy?  There is the nice fluffy “Facial Quality” (something I don’t want to ask about) or the thin single ply utilitarian style TP.  Forget the John Wayne style and find something in between. Everyone know what John Wayne Toilet Paper is ..Right? “It’s rough -It’s tough and doesn’t take crap off anyone”

Think about it – this is one thing that will be hard to be without.  So do you have the space and the estimated $160.00 to stock up on this essential item?

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