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When you look at being prepared you need to ask yourself what you are preparing for, and where might you be when it happens?

You never know when something bad could happen so it is difficult to know where you will be. You need to think about your current location and if you are going to be able to handle this event from that location or any location you could be.

If you have a remote location, and your plan is to head there once the TSHTF then you need to prepare for that NOW. I would suggest that you have a plan to get there by vehicle and by foot. Have each mapped out and an alternative route for each form of travel. If you are on foot you can travel more discreetly, for example walking in a wooded area and crossing open areas where you can hide. Traveling by vehicle will force you out in the open and on the roads. This may be OK soon after a crisis but as time passes and people become more desperate this will become more dangerous. It is normally considered safer to move at night so keep that in mind when you map your routes.

Map out what you think you can cover in one day. Have an idea on where you might set up camps along the way and scout those locations out now. You do not want to be wandering around looking for a place to set up camp. It may not be possible but if you can, keep a cache at or near those locations. This doesn’t have to be digging a hole in the woods, it could be a friend’s house along the way.

Having a plan is one of the most important part of your prepping.

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  1. Straight to the point. Another thought to consider for bug out location… We will biuld shelter at our location post shtf. Any isolated buildings that poeple know about will be targeted. In my opinion, it would be better to biuld very camouflaged or underground shelters. We have more than one potential location, with food tools and supplies hidden at each location.

  2. Your best bet would probably be a rural town, because despite what people think, they cannot shoot every animal in the woods and survive. Eventually you will run out, and it’s possible the animals will be infected. Maybe you could sanitize the corpses of the dead (yucky), but other than that, you’re going to be needing canned food and other pre-SHTF food items for a while, or until you get a farmer.

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