Recruit Information

Thank you for registering for Zombie Survival Camp! We will confirm your selected camp date with a confirmation email.  About 30 days prior to your camp date, we will send you an invoice via Paypal for the remainder of your balance due.

Your deposit will be refunded in full if you cancel your registration within 60 days of payment of your deposit. If you cancel after 60 days and up to 2 weeks before your registered camp date, we will retain the Paypal fee, which averages between $3.00 and $6.00. Your deposit will not be refunded if you cancel within 2 weeks of your registered camp date.

We reserve the right to cancel any camp date due to unforeseen circumstances, including insufficient class size. In the event we have to cancel a camp date, we will refund your deposit in full. If you are traveling from out of state, please check with us before booking air or other transportation.

If you have a minute, please complete the following form so we can fully customize your Zombie Survival Camp experience!