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Today’s task- Well, I hit a sale and picked up a generator.  We have been putting it off but after the last few years we thought we should get one.  We are good without power since we can swing it without.  But honestly it is so much nicer with the ability to run the freezers a few hours at a time and other basic things.  If you have sub-pumps to keep your basement dry you will need back-up power of some sort, and a generator is a practical option.


We always shared a generator with the family but the stupid thing is heavy as hell.

I went with an 8700 Watts unit with both 120v and 240v.  It also has an electric start.

Make sure you store it properly and drain the gas when you are not using it.  Always use stabilizer in the gas to keep it in good shape.

When you are looking at buying one buy the biggest one you can afford unless you expect to have to move it.  One thing I wanted was that it was easy to prepare for storage.  Look for one that has a drain on the bottom of the carburetor bowl.  This allows you to drain the gas so it doesn’t get all gummed up it it sits.  If it is a larger one look to see if it has a wheel kit for moving it around.  You can spend some real money and get a unit that ties directly into the house.  The better ones run on propane and start automatically as soon as the power fails.

Make sure you have some good 3 prong heavy extension cords especially if you are going to run appliances. Always have the generator outside in a well ventilated place.  Never in the house or garage because of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Not an inexpensive prep but a good one to have if you can.

Be safe

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      My first choice would be propane. This has several advantages, first off it will last longer than most other fuels and propane tanks can be found by the millions in yards all across the country.

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