How Much Ammo Do I Need?

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I guess that would depend on why YOU are interested in stocking up on ammo.

First ask yourself why you are interested in stocking up.

  • Is it for an End Of The World scenario?
  • Is it because you believe our current Administration is going to continue to make it harder and harder to enjoy your shooting sports and firearms?
  • Are you taking advantage of good pricing to save some money?
  • Maybe you don’t want to have to run out and buy ammo every time you want to shoot.
  • Maybe you are a prepper and just can’t help it…..

Ammo will last a long time if it is stored in a dry clean environment.  If stored at room temperature and in low humidity ammo can last for decades.  Here is a link to some additional information by SAAMI ( Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute)

Most people feel that the following is a good recommendation by gun type.

  • Battle or defensive rifle – .223/5.56,.308, 7.62×39 – min. of 1000 rounds for each rifle that you own by caliber.  Ideally you would want a min. of 2000 rounds for your primary rifle.
  • Primary pistol – 1000 to 2000 rounds and 500 to 1000 rounds for any back-up or secondary pistols.
  • Long distance rifle (you should have a long distance rifle in the mix) – 500 rounds as a minimum
  • Shotgun – 500 to 1000 rounds of buckshot and 500 of a bird shot for game
  • 22 LR – I personally feel that because of its versatility, light weight and low cost, 10,000 rounds is a good goal.  Just grab a brick every time you can until you stock up.
  • Miscellaneous calibers – if you have some odd calibers or extra guns, consider having at least 500 rounds for each.

Keep in mind you can’t have too much.  Ammunition will be and is extremely valuable for bartering.  Ammo will continue to get harder to find and the cost will not go down.  Make sure you have ammo for every firearm you own.  I personally have an old Italian Carcano chambered in  7.35.  I just grab a few boxes of ammo once in a while when I think about it.  I also purchased reloading dies – just in case.

Stock-up and you will not regret it.  If you can grab it at a good price, it’s a good investment even if you don’t need it for the end of the world.

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