Potable Aqua PURE Electrolytic Water Purifier

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This is a water purifier that produces Chlorine from table salt that you then use to purify your water. It can be charged with a USB cord and even has a solar charger as a back up. You can purify 150 liters per charge.

You need to check it out. Here is a link to their site – Potable Aqua PURE.

This works in the same way that the salt water pools work. The device basically makes chlorine from Sodium Chloride ( table salt ). You select 1 to 20 liters and it produces the amount of the disinfectant solution needed for that amount of water.
This is a must have for the bug out bag.

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  1. Every home need to have water filter like this. Water has great effect in our body. I choose water over artificial juice in the market.I want to be healthy.

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